Loud Mouth Brain

by Molly Davis

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Daniel Ian Taylor
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Daniel Ian Taylor I've had a couple of months to digest this little record, to let its songs drop into my music mix every now and then, as well as listen to the album closely on headphones from start to finish several times. I really liked it on first listen and the songs have only grown on me since then.
It's exactly what I always want a debut ep to be, which are 4 very different songs about 4 very different subjects that still manage to all sound like they were made by the same person.
"Plus" is probably my favourite if only because great love songs for a parent are strangely few and far between.
The environmental message of "Pale Blue Dot" is hardly subtle, but it's rendered so effectively and originally that it feels that the message's delivery should be anything but. And the violin line that caps off the narrative is simply gorgeous and cathartic.
The line "i miss you even when you're next to me" is so simple and perfect and universal that I can't believe I've never heard it before. That's the sign of a really great lyric.
The energy and bounce of "Two Fronts" belies the sense of self doubt that it explores to great effect. The guitar work is especially good on this one and has plenty of verve to it.
Altogether this is a great opening salvo from an artist whose deep love of music is self-evident and infectious. You should be very proud of this record and I can't wait to hear what comes next.

DT Favorite track: Plus.
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Debut EP by Toronto based musician Molly Davis


released November 22, 2018

All songs written and performed by Molly Davis
Produced by Caleb Stull
feat. Colin James Gibson on guitar and Subhayu Mukherji on bass

Recorded at the KLab and Beatspace


all rights reserved



Molly Davis Toronto, Ontario

Molly Davis is a multi-instrumentalist and song-writer working in Toronto, Ontario.

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Track Name: Plus
Tell me how you carried the weight
of such heavy hearts
Didn’t picking up those shards
tear your fingers apart

Tell me about when you were young
brash and dumb like me
tell me what you wanted from life
what you thought it would be

I can feel your soul light up when
when you look at us
I could never understand just
what that feeling was
You could have asked for the world
But what you wanted was much more simple
Just to be ourselves and be loved
and that’s what makes you a good man

I know you’re afraid that you failed,
so know you did not
quietly you’re strong and brave
whether you like it or not
to come form the sea
and master the sky
to tread the earth
and appreciate life
never giving up on me, letting me breathe

And I want you to know
that every part of my soul
that I got from you
is beautiful to me

we may know our share of pain
But I’d never change a thing
You are apart of me
Track Name: Pale Blue Dot
Out here it’s cold and lonely
I hear the sounds of home
And I long for the day …how I long for a day
I’ve seen things full of wonder
the birth of stars in realms
comprised of clouds that swirl in gold and red

But that pale blue dot…
It can’t be forgot
Cause that Pale blue dot…
I miss it a lot

I know this is a privilege
to be the first to’ve gone this
far back in the story of ourselves

but that pale blue dot
It can’t be forgot
Yes that pale blue dot
It still means a lot
Cause that pale blue dot...
…it’s all that we’ve got

And if you told me my house was on fire
I wouldn’t just stand around
I would run, with a bucket in hand
To do what I can

Why choose to tolerate a soul for a soul?
Rather than accept?
Why destroy, when instead, you could grow?
We’re destroying our own home.
Track Name: Next To Me
Oh mornings used to be
a hated place for me
looking out at the street
wondering how I'm going to face another...

Isn't it funny
how the tide will only change
while you're looking away
and suddenly your feet are on the ground well,

I thought I would tred for all my days
without a hope of respite from the waves
until I found myself okay

Scent of coffee
and a radiator burn
I'm so glad that hate can be unlearned
Sanctuary in a breath before the door
I'd never ask for more
than coming home to you my darling

Cause everything we want is what we need
and lately I can't help myself but sing

Since I found you it seems my love
that nothing now can phase me cause
I know you've got my back and I've got
yours, it seems so simple, but of course

So many seem to think
that love's a game of swim or sink
and change means something wrong
when we know
change means we have grown

So take my hand before we cross the street,
I've never been swept off my feet
I miss you even when you're next to me

Oh, I miss you when you're next to me
Track Name: Two Fronts
I know I’m not dumb but maybe I am
Everything I think is no I can't
When I know that I can but maybe I’m wrong
I’m so damn afraid that I’m not really strong
I wanna be good but it feels more
like I make things worse than they were before
I try to make it right but it all falls apart
and there’s nothing I can do but blame myself

Let’s try again this time for sure
I’ll turn a new leaf I’ll find a cure
For this uncertainty that rules my life
Gimme one day with no internal strife
I’ll hold my own you wait and see
It’s not outside my capabilities
To tell you you’re wrong and be on my own side
So shut up, and give me a second to try

You’re trying to control this
but know these emotions
don’t take direction very well
You know that I’m broken
did you think I was joking?
When we argue I’m fighting a war on two fronts

It’s hard for me to tell what I really feel
VS. what’s just in my head, every thoughts got
two right behind trying to pull it back down
Push too soon and the truth will drown
In doubt and shame that I don’t deserve
Or maybe I do I can’t discern
What I want, or can, or should believe...
…Oh I give up

Clarity is all I want
Past mistakes have always haunted
Me and fill me with self doubt
You’re supposed to help me out
Not make me feel worse or dumb or small
You’re really no help at all
So unless you learn to be patient and strong
You’re the one who’s in the wrong!

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